Top 10 Must-Visit Geelong Beaches (Local’s Guide)

View of people walking on the long beach and ocean with gentle white capped waves at Ocean Grove in Victoria Australia.

Want to find the best Geelong beaches? You’re in the right place. We live in Geelong, and in this article we list all the best beaches in Geelong and the surrounding region. If you’d like to know the best beach in Geelong, there are plenty of choices and locals can spend hours debating the point! But really, it depends on …

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Ultimate Guide To Waterfront Geelong Accommodation (2024)

A woman stands on a balcony at Geelong Waterfront accommodation, overlooking a calm Corio Bay under a clear blue sky.

Travelling to Geelong and looking for some great Waterfront Geelong accommodation? Excellent choice! The waterfront is Geelong’s most popular attraction with lots of activities and loads of bars, cafes, and restaurants, so you’ll have everything right at your fingertips. In this article, we give you all the best options for waterfront Geelong accommodation to suit all travelling styles. Whether you …

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Geelong Bollards Guide: Everything You Need To Know!

The colourful Geelong Bollards sculptures depicting lifesavers in red and yellow with the acronym 'R.L.S.S' painted on their torsos line the sunny Geelong Baywalk with a clear blue sky overhead and the Eastern Beach Promenade extending into the sea in the background.

Wondering what to do in Geelong and looking for the best Geelong attractions? Then check out the delightfully unique Geelong bollards. Made out of old timber pylons from the demolished Yarra Street pier, these remarkable works of art are a much loved Geelong attraction. Each bollard tells a story about the incredible people who played a part in Geelong’s history, …

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9 Geelong Waterfront Cafes: Local’s Guide (2024)

Patrons dining alfresco at one of the popular Geelong Waterfront cafes under white umbrellas surrounded by lush trees, with cars parked in the background under a clear blue sky.

Heading to Geelong and wondering what the top Geelong Waterfront cafes are? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, we list all the best cafe Geelong Waterfront options so you can find your perfect place to eat. Once a busy industrial port, the Geelong Waterfront is now a vibrant cosmopolitan area packed with bars, restaurants, and cafes. It’s …

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11 Crazy Good Geelong Waterfront Restaurants (2024)

A serene harbour view of Geelong's waterfront with restaurants dotting the skyline and sailboats anchored in the tranquil blue Corio Bay, framed by coastal foliage under a clear sky with fluffy white clouds. The Geelong Waterfront restaurants are some of the best in the city.

Looking For The Best Geelong Waterfront Restaurants? Then you’re in the right place, in this Geelong waterfront restaurant guide, we list ALL the top options for you! Whether you’re looking for a fine dining Geelong option, the best seafood restaurant Geelong has, or are hankering for some awesome fish and chips we’ve got you covered. Some of the best restaurants …

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Eastern Beach Geelong: Everything You Need To Know (2024)

Crowds of people enjoying Eastern Beach Geelong on a hot summer's day.

Looking For An Awesome Day Of Fun And Want To Know All About Eastern Beach Geelong? Then you’re in the right place to learn everything you need to know about visiting Eastern Beach at Geelong Waterfront. We live in Geelong and visit Eastern Beach on an almost daily basis. This means we have lots of local knowledge which we’re going …

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Discover Waterfront Geelong: A Local’s Guide (2024)

View of people relaxing on the sloping lawns at Waterfront Geelong. Geelong Beach, the city skyline, and the Giant Sky Wheel can be seen in the distance.

Discover Waterfront Geelong With This Ultimate Guide Written By A Local. The Geelong Waterfront is one of the most popular places to visit in Geelong. It’s the number one Geelong tourist attraction, and all visitors to the city end up visiting the Geelong foreshore at some point during their trip. Many Geelong attractions are located here as well as excellent …

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10 Best (and Coolest!) Cafes In Ocean Grove Victoria

Flat white coffee sitting on a wood grain table at one of the great cafes in Ocean Grove.

There are some fabulous cafes in Ocean Grove to choose from when you’re spending time in town. Whether you’re after brunch, lunch, or breakfast in Ocean Grove, or have a craving for something decadently, deliciously sweet, the Ocean Grove food scene always has plenty to offer. From the best coffee in Ocean Grove to a one-stop shop where you can …

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19 Best Things To Do In Portarlington (2024 Guide)

A tranquil view of the Portarlington foreshore, with a walking path adjacent to the sandy beach, people enjoying the serene environment, scattered seagulls, and a clear blue sky overhead.

Looking For The Best Things To Do In Portarlington? We’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find our guide to all the top Portarlington things to do for your ultimate getaway. While many tourists visit Portarlington as a day trip, with a range of excellent accommodation, it’s also the perfect place to relax for a few days. In addition to its …

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Best Portarlington Accommodation: 13 Top Stays For 2024

Woman in a yellow tshirt and shorts looking out the window to the sea enjoying the view from her Portarlington accommodation.

Looking For The Best Portarlington Accommodation? Then this list of the best accommodation in Portarlington is just what you’re looking for. Portarlington is a lovely seaside holiday destination with an excellent swimming beach, great local food, and fantastic festivals. It’s also the gateway to all the attractions of the Bellarine Peninsula. Most of the accommodation Portarlington provides is run by …

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