21 Hidden Places To Visit In Victoria, Australia

A late autumn afternoon on Lake Daylesford in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

Discover The Best Hidden Places To Visit In Victoria. The list of places to visit in Victoria can be a little overwhelming, with top attractions like the Great Ocean Road and the buzzing metropolis of Melbourne catching the eye of many first-time visitors. But if you want to find a place to visit in Victoria that’s away from the tourist …

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Victoria Trip Budget Calculator: Plan Your Dream Trip!

View of a person's hands holding a magnifying glass over a map. There is a model plane and starfish sitting on the table. Image of a person planning their Victoria trip.

Are you planning a trip to Victoria, Australia, and feeling daunted about budgeting? We’re here to help you with that! We have something special that will make your travel planning as breezy as a stroll along Torquay Beach. Introducing our Victoria Trip Budget Calculator – your new travel mate that’s going to take the guesswork out of your trip budgeting. …

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31 Must-See Landmarks In Victoria: Don’t Miss These!

Australian football or footy, favourite aussie sports Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Stadium in Yarra Park of Melbourne Victoria, Victoria, Australia.

By Audrey Chalmers This guide to 31 iconic landmarks in Victoria was inspired by the garden state’s lush landscapes, rugged mountains, surf-battered coastline, and more. With so many natural and man-made tourist attractions in Victoria to see, this article highlights the best so you can choose the ones that appeal to you most of all. Landmarks in Melbourne and beyond …

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