Victoria Trip Budget Calculator: Plan Your Dream Trip!

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By Audrey Chalmers

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Are you planning a trip to Victoria, Australia, and feeling daunted about budgeting? We’re here to help you with that!

We have something special that will make your travel planning as breezy as a stroll along Torquay Beach.

Introducing our Victoria Trip Budget Calculator – your new travel mate that’s going to take the guesswork out of your trip budgeting.

Work out exactly how much your trip will cost so you can start saving now. Or be pleasantly surprised your budget stretches further than you thought.

Use The Trip Calculator

Victoria Trip Cost Calculator

How Our Calculator Works

  • Step 1: Start With Your Costs: Begin by entering your estimated daily costs for accommodation, meals, and transportation. Whether you’re treating yourself to a luxury hotel or staying in a budget-friendly motel or hostel, simply add the numbers.
  • Step 2: Add In The Attractions: From the laneways of Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road Victoria is filled with must-see attractions. Add the total expected cost of entry tickets, tour fees, and anything else you plan to see and do.
  • Step 3: Set Your Trip Duration: How long will you be visiting Victoria for? Enter the number of days for your trip.
  • Step 4: Calculate and Plan: Hit the calculate button and ta-da! You’ll get an estimated total cost of your trip so you can start planning.

Benefits Of Using The Calculator

  • Budget Planning: Knowing how much your trip is going to cost allows you to budget more effectively, ensuring you can cover all your essential expenses such as accommodation, food, and transportation.
  • Be Financially Prepared: Helps you know exactly how much you need to save for your trip and avoid any post-trip financial surprises.
  • Budget Management: With a clear idea of costs you can make cost-effective decisions, like choosing more affordable accommodation or dining options, to stay within your budget.
  • Invest in Experiences: With a clear budget, you can prioritise spending on unique experiences in Victoria, like a hot air balloon ride over the Yarra Valley, or a guided tour of the Great Ocean Road, creating lasting memories.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you’re a luxury or budget traveller, the calculator adjusts to your travel style.

Tips For Saving Money In Victoria

Travelling on a budget? No worries!

Victoria offers plenty of ways to save money while still enjoying all this state has to offer. In this section, we’ll share some insider tips on how to stretch your dollar further in this popular Australian state.

From cheap ticket deals to free attractions and the best places to stay we’ve got you covered.

Here are our best tips for saving money in Victoria:

  • Travel off-peak. During the Christmas season and in school holidays accommodation rates go through the roof. To avoid the high costs travel outside these times. You’ll beat the crowds too.
  • Invest in an iVenture Card for cheap tickets. The iVenture Card allows you to save up to 40% on more than 20 of Melbourne’s top attractions. You can get it here.
  • Stay in holiday apartments and houses with kitchens and save a pile of cash by cooking for yourself instead of eating out.
  • Get outdoors. Victoria has so much to offer when it comes to spending time in nature, from its beaches to its forests, lakes, and waterfalls – and it’s all free!
  • Take advantage of Victoria’s many free attractions. Visit famous sites like the 12 Apostles, Melbourne’s laneways, and Wilsons Promontory at no cost. The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has free exhibitions as does the National Gallery of Victoria.

Making The Most Of Your Victoria Trip

There are so many amazing things to do in Victoria. You can take in the top landmarks in the state, visit tumbling waterfalls, and coastal towns, splurge on a Great Ocean Road trip, or take a Bellarine Peninsula wineries tour.

Now that you know how much your trip will cost, it’s time to pick the places you most want to visit.

Read all our Victoria travel guides or check out our Great Ocean Road Travel Page and start planning now!

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By Audrey Chalmers

Audrey grew up in Victoria and travelled the world but she always called Victoria home. She loves nothing more than exploring her home state and sharing it here.