31 Best Things To Do In Warrnambool In 2024

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By Audrey Chalmers

Wondering what the best things to do in Warrnambool are?

We have you covered. In this post, we list all the best things to do in Warrnambool to help you with your travel planning.

With museums and gardens, walking trails, adventure playgrounds, and spectacular beaches this is a great place to spend a few days at any time of year.

It has fantastic markets, artworks, beautiful parks and lakes, scenic views, recreational activities, and notorious shipwrecks.

A highlight of any trip to Warrnambool is the Southern Right Whales that arrive each winter for their annual calving.

Here are 31 of the best Warrnambool things to do as well as our top picks for places to stay.

You’ll also find a handy map with the location of each place listed and some recommendations for Warrnambool accommodation.

Ready to discover the best Warrnambool attractions? Let’s start!

31 Best Things To Do In Warrnambool

Below you’ll find our guide to all the top places to go in Warrnambool and its surrounds.

1) Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village And Museum

Overview of Flagstaff Hill buildings with the bright blue sky and the ocean in the background. One of the must-visit things to do in Warrnambool.

One of the most popular things to see in Warrnambool for visitors is the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village and Museum.

The spectacular coastline around Warrnambool is the final resting place for dozens of shipwrecks.

The unforgiving seas claimed many lives as ships desperately tried to find the narrow shipping route into Port Phillip Bay.

Flagstaff Hill Museum tells the stories of the crewmen and passengers whose lives were claimed by the Shipwreck Coast.

Here you’ll learn about 19-year-old Tom Pearce – one of only two survivors of the sunk clipper Loch Ard – who upon hearing the cries of Eva Carmichael heroically rushed back into the icy waters to save her.

The only other survivor was the stunning Loch Ard Peacock. A highlight of the museum, at $4 million the stature is Australia’s most valuable shipwreck artefact.

As interesting as the museum is, the highlight of Flagstaff Hill Warrnambool is the reconstructed outdoor village that overlooks the beautiful Lady Bay.

The village is a taste of what life was like for Australia’s early settlers. There are more than 40 buildings to explore including a school, a dressmaker’s, a blacksmith’s workshop, a fire station, and even a lighthouse.

Several dressed-up characters wander around the village engaging with visitors and bringing some of the region’s history to life.

When planning your itinerary be sure to add Flagstaff Hill to your Warrnambool things to do list.

Flagstaff Hill
Where: 89 Merri Street, Warrnambool
When: 7 Days, 10 a.m – 5 p.m
Phone: (03) 5559 4600
Click here to book tickets

2) Flagstaff Hill Sound And Light Show

When the sun goes down Flagstaff Hill transforms into a dramatic sound and light show that highlights the region’s fascinating maritime history.

It’s one of the more unique Warrnambool attractions and is a wonderful addition to your daytime visit.

Images that tell the stories of local Aboriginal people, the whaling industry, shipwrecks, and survivors are projected onto a 9-metre high wall of water.

The show begins at dusk, which varies depending on the time of year, and runs in all weather conditions. Seating is undercover but it’s open to the elements so it’s best to rug up.

It’s best to book ahead as there is limited availability. Day and night packages are available.

Flagstaff Hill Sound & Light Show
Where: 89 Merri Street, Warrnambool
When: Daily at dusk
Phone: (03) 5559 4600
Click here to pre-book tickets

3) Warrnambool Whale Watching

People scanning the ocean for whales in Warrnambool at Logans Beach whale watching platform.

Without a doubt, the best thing to do in Warrnambool in winter is whale watching.

Southern Right whales have been visiting Logans Beach Warrnambool for hundreds of years.

Named Southern Right as they were considered the ‘right’ type of whale to hunt, the whales were hunted to the edge of extinction.

Fortunately, whaling was outlawed in 1935 and Southern Right numbers are slowly increasing.

The Warrnambool whales spend summer in the sub-antarctic and move to the warmer waters of southern Australia in winter – between June and September.

It’s here the female whales in Warrnambool birth their calves at the Logans Beach whale nursery.

The best place to spot whales in Warrnambool is from the specially built Logans Beach whale watching platform.

Tip: For the best chance to see whales check out this whale watching Warrnambool Facebook Group for up-to-date information. Don’t forget your binoculars!

4) Deep Blue Hot Springs

If you’re coming to Warrnambool to unwind, then you definitely need to add the Deep Blue Hot Springs to your itinerary.

The natural geothermal waters here are mineral-rich, and the wellness area includes caverns, waterfalls, and rock pools. 

Star attractions include the aroma pool, the bubbling springs, the foot spa, and the rainforest and sensory caves, as well as 15 open-air rock pools.

All use naturally heated geothermal water which comes from 850 metres below the ground. 

Day sessions last for two hours, or you can book a twilight slot and stay for three. Perfect after a day of sightseeing.

You can also combine your visit with a stay at the on-site Deep Blue Hotel. 

Deep Blue Hot Springs

Where: Worm Bay Road, Warrnambool

When: 7.30am to 6.30pm Sunday and Monday; 9am to 6.30pm Tuesday; 9am to 9pm Wednesday and Thursday; 7.30am to 9pm Friday and Saturday

Phone: (03) 5559 2050
Click here to book tickets

Click here to book the Deep Blue Hotel

💦 Check Ticket Prices Here!

5) Wildlife Encounters

Close up view of a koala with his eyes open in the fork of eucalyptus tree. You can see more native Australian animals at Wildlife Encounters near Warrnambool in the state of Victoria.

Warrnambool Wildlife Encounters in Cudgee near Warrnambool specialises in native Australian wildlife.

This is the place to come if you want to get up close to dingoes, kangaroos, koalas, possums, or snakes. Native birds like cockatoos can also be seen here. 

You can (and must) pre-book wildlife encounter experiences.

This place stands out because of the interactive experiences offered – as well as the fact that it educates the public about animal conservation. 

Warrnambool Wildlife Encounters
Where: 21 Trotters Lane, Cudgee
When: By appointment
Phone: (0488) 927 220
Click here to book tickets

6) Warrnambool Foreshore Promenade

Image of the boardwalk along the Warrnambool foreshore promeande with the ocean, beach, and grey skies.

If you’re looking for Warrnambool activities and enjoy getting out and walking then head to the Foreshore Promenade.

The Promenade stretches from the Warrnambool Breakwater and Thunder Point all the way to Logans Beach Whale Nursery.

At 5.7 kilometres long it’s a decent length but there are plenty of places to stop and rest, and you can even grab a coffee and something to eat along the way.

The walk takes you past Middle Island a breeding ground for Little Penguins, and the setting of an incredible true story about the town’s efforts to save the Warrnambool penguins. (See more below)

The promenade is particularly stunning at sunset. It’s suitable for all forms of wheeled transport including bikes, rollerblades, wheelchairs, and prams.

7) Middle Island Penguins – Meet The Maremmas

Two Maremma dogs sitting upright in the long grass. These dogs protect the penguins from foxes on Middle Island in Warrnambool. Meeting them on a tour is one of the popular things to do in Warrnambool Victoria.

If you want to see a place that’s a movie star as well as a wildlife sanctuary, head to Middle Island.

The film Oddball was based on the true tale of the Maremma Penguin Project designed to protect the resident penguin colony from fox attacks.

The story goes that a local chicken farmer, Swampy Marsh, had been using Maremma dogs to help protect his free-range chickens. He believed the dogs could also be used to protect the penguins from foxes and other predators.

The Warrnambool locals decided to test his theory and Maremma dogs were trained and placed on the island.

The program was so successful, and people loved the story so much, that it was made into a movie called ‘Oddball’. Try watching it without shedding a tear!

To this day Maremma dogs are still used to protect the penguins.

The island lies just offshore from Warrnambool, and the birds in question are Little Penguins – aka Eudyptula Novaehollandiae.

You can book a Meet the Maremma Tour to learn more about the project. 

Middle Island Penguins
Where: Warrnambool, VIC 3265
When: via pre-booked Meet the Maremma Tours 

8) Fletcher Jones Warrnambool

Entrance and gardens at Fletcher Jones Market one of the must-visit things to do in Warrnambool Victoria Australia.

Fletcher Jones was an iconic Australian clothing brand with a reputation for quality products.

Its factory was a major employer in Warrnambool and the company was known for its progressive approach to employer/employee relations.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the beautiful Fletcher Jones Gardens. They were built by David Fletcher Jones as part of a program to look after the welfare of his workers.

The factory is closed now but the gardens remain open and it’s well worth popping by for a look.

They’re kept in excellent condition with colourful flower beds, manicured lawns, sculptures, and plenty of bench seats.

Inside the factory is a vintage market where you can find unique one-off items you can’t find anywhere else.

The Fletcher Jones Market is spread over two levels with over 40 stallholders selling antiques and collectibles, old books, records, vintage clothing, and anything else you can think of!

Enter through the garden and learn about the history of this iconic clothing company.

Fletcher Jones Market Warrnambool
Where: 61 – 77 Flaxman Street, Warrnambool
When: 7 Days, 10 a.m – 5 p.m
Entry: Free

9) Cannon Hill Lookout

Cannon Hill tourist attraction in Warrnambool with views across the lake to the ocean.

Cannon Hill Lookout is one of the more interesting places to visit in Warrnambool for history buffs.

It also offers panoramic views across Lake Pertobe, Warrnambool Beach, and the Southern Ocean.

Cannon Hill Warrnambool was named for the military hardware that was installed there in the mid-1800s in preparation for a Russian invasion.

The hill is now home to display cannons from the First and Second World Wars.

It also features the city’s war memorials and a collection of monuments commemorating the early Portuguese exploration of the southwest.

This is also where you’ll find Warrnambool’s infamous ‘Dirty Angel’ statue. The statue was erected in 1925 as a memorial to the services of Australian war veterans.

It was given the cheeky ‘Dirty Angel’ nickname in typical Australian style, due to its unfortunate silhouette when viewed from the side.

10) Wollaston Bridge

View of the Wollaston Bridge over the Merri River in Warrnambool with white and red pillars and surrounding greenery. One of the free Warrnambool attractions.

Wollaston Bridge is something of a Victoria landmark. Its striking red and white pillars are instantly recognisable, and the suspension bridge plays an important part in allowing pedestrians to cross the river.

Located on the Merri River, Wollaston Bridge is one of Victoria’s oldest suspension bridges. It’s historically and architecturally significant, and is also very aesthetically pleasing.

The bridge can be found in northwest Warrnambool, by St James’ Park and Wollaston Road. 

Wollaston Bridge
Where: Merri River, VIC
When: Open 24 hours

11) Warrnambool Markets

Market stalls at the Warrnambool Sunday Undercover Market with customers shopping and colourful bunting strung up on the ceiling.

There’s a variety of markets in Warrnambool to choose from.

These include the Fresh Market for local produce, the undercover Sunday Timor Street markets for general goods, and the Fletcher Jones market for antiques. 

A couple of these – the Timor Street and Fletcher Jones markets – are open daily. For the fresh and Sunday markets, you’ll have to time your visit, as these are held only on Sundays.

The undercover market takes place every Sunday morning, while the fresh market is held on the first and third Sundays of each month. 

For more information read our Warrnambool markets guide.

12) Allansford Cheese World

If you’re looking for things to do in Warrnambool when it’s raining (and even when it’s not) then head to Allansford Cheese World.

Run by the Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory, visitors can enjoy free tastings of award-winning cheeses and browse a wide selection of locally produced cheese and wine.

The Cheese World Museum has an extensive collection of farm machinery, household items, and mementos from the early 1900s.

It’s a trip back in time that provides a glimpse of what life was like for the hard-working farming families.

In addition to the museum, there’s a lovely cafe serving breakfast, light lunches, and snacks.

Unsurprisingly, cheese platters and plowman’s lunches are the house specialty. But it’s their famous creamy milkshakes that keep people coming back.

Allansford Cheese World Warrnambool
Where: 5330 Great Ocean Road, Allansford
When: Weekdays 10.00 a.m – 3.00 p.m
Entry: Free

13) Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground

Image of Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground in Warrnambool Victoria with lush green grass and bright blue skies.

For anyone looking for things to do in Warrnambool for kids with energy to burn, then the Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground should be their first stop.

Spread over a huge 8-hectare area, the park offers so much to explore the kids will never want to leave!

The playground is suitable for all ages with enough equipment to keep them entertained for hours.

As well as plenty of climbing options, there’s a flying fox, sandpits, a giant slide, and even a maze. There are also sheltered barbecue facilities and shaded seats for a relaxing family picnic.

The lake itself is dotted with small islands and there are walking tracks, swing bridges, and birdwatching hides.

The Lake Pertobe Warrnambool precinct is also home to tennis courts, an athletics track, and a skateboard park.

Lake Pertobe Warrnambool Playground
Where: 47 – 107 Pertobe Road, Warrnambool

14) Lake Pertobe Motor Boats

You can find the Lake Pertobe Motor Boats within a lovely park right beside the water. It’s a pleasant place with kids’ play equipment, walking trails, a maze, and picnic and BBQ areas.

At weekends, you can enjoy a boat ride on the lake here.

Children aged 12 plus will love being given the chance to steer the motor boat themselves. Younger kids don’t need to miss out, either, as they can always help the adult manning the wheel. 

Hiring a motor boat here is popular among locals and visitors alike, and offers a unique way to see and experience the Warrnambool area.

Rides last for 15 or 30 minutes, and lifejackets are supplied. 

Lake Pertobe Motor Boats
Where: Pertobe Road, Warrnambool
When: 10.30am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday 

15) Warrnambool Mini Golf By The Sea

One of the super fun family things to do at Warrnambool is to play a round of mini-golf.

Sitting adjacent to Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground, Mini Golf by the Sea offers 18-holes of golfing fun.

The course is well set out and maintained and there’s a giant jumping pillow for the kids.

There’s no need to book ahead and onsite parking is available.

Mini Golf By The Sea
Where: 47 Pertobe Road, Warrnamool
When: Monday – Friday 10 a.m – 4 p.m, Saturday – Sunday 10 a.m – 5 p.m
Phone: (03) 5562 0644

16) Warrnambool Beach

Lone person walking along the dark golden sand at a beach in Warrnambool. There are white fluffy clouds in the bright blue sky and the ocean is aquamarine blue with gentle waves.

When the weather heats up one of the best things to do is head to a Warrnambool beach.

Despite its rugged coastline, there are still some beautiful beaches in Warrnambool that are safe for swimming.

The picturesque Lady Bay has the main beach in Warrnambool and offers protected swimming and surfing, as well as yachting and windsurfing.

Its coastline is broken up into McGennans Beach, Surfside Beach, The Flume, and the oddly named Granny’s Grave Beach.

The Warrnambool Surf Lifesaving Club patrols Lady Bay during the summer months and on popular weekends.

17) Thunder Point Lookout

Thunder Point in Warrnambool at sunset with orange skies, a flock of sea gulls in the air, and a person standing on top of the cliff in silhouette.

Thunder Point lookout is a lovely place to be at sunset – or for a walk during the day. From here you can wander down to where Stingray Bay meets the mouth of the Merri River. 

At high tide, though, the white sands are immersed in water, so do check the local tide times before setting off.

At low tide, it’s a wonderful picnic spot or place to take a dip when the water’s calm. 

You can also find Thunder Point Coastal Reserve here. Or simply enjoy the stupendous views over Merri and Middle Islands, Breakwater, Lady Bay, the South Warrnambool wetlands, and of course the Southern Ocean. 

Thunder Point Lookout
Where: 51 MacDonald Street, Warrnambool
When: Open 24 hours

18) Warrnambool Art Gallery

The colourful Warrnambool Art Gallery entrance with a large expanse of grass. A must-visit tourist attraction in Warrnambool for lovers of art.

For art lovers, the Warrnambool Art Gallery (WAG) is one of the must-visit Warrnambool tourist attractions.

Established in 1886 it is owned and operated by the local council as a memorial to Sir Fletcher Jones and is said to be one of the oldest in the country.

There are two permanent collection galleries, a prints and drawings gallery, as well as a temporary exhibition space, and a community gallery.

The gallery has a diverse collection of artworks including European salon painting, Australian colonial painting, Melbourne modernism, and works of local significance.

Warrnambool Art Gallery
Where: 26 Liebig Street, Warrnamool
When: Monday – Friday 10 a.m – 5 p.m, Saturday – Sunday 10 a.m – 3 p.m
Phone: (03) 5559 4959
Entry: Free

19) Warrnambool Street Art

Warrnambool street art mural In Spirit featuring flying yellow bellied black cockatoos on a bright blue background.

Delving into Warrnambool’s street art scene is a great way to while away some time.

Simply wander the city streets and see what you can spot. There’s urban art to be admired all over town, including some top-class murals and sculptures. 

Highlights include the geometric Seal, Where’s the Water, and The Guardians sculptures. In terms of murals, favourites include Once Women Won the Vote, the Hidden Histories trilogy, and the Artists’ Society Mural. 

We particularly liked the 32-metre In Spirit mural featuring yellow-bellied black cockatoos.

Don’t miss the Fox and Penguins, too, especially if you’ll be visiting Middle Island. The creatures seemingly pop out of the pavement, making for great photo opportunities. 

Warrnambool Street Art
Where: Warrnambool
When: Open 24 hours

20) Lighthouse Theatre

The Lighthouse Theatre in Warrnambool benefited from a huge cash injection in 2012, and is now a thriving venue for performing arts. You can find it on Timor Street, in the heart of the CBD. 

The centre’s diverse program includes the genres of cabaret, dance, comedy, and music as well as theatre.

At the time of writing, shows ranged from Embrace Kids or Menopause the Musical to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Jon Stevens’ INXS and Noiseworks tour. 

Find out what’s on when you’re in town.

Lighthouse Theatre
Where: 185 Timor Street, Warrnambool
When:  11.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday + one hour before performances
Phone: (03) 5559 4999

Click here to book tickets

21) Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Emus at Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve with the crater lake in the background. One of the best things to do around Warrnambool.

One of the best things to do around Warrnambool is to take a trip out of town to Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve.

Located 14 kilometres west of Warrnambool, Tower Hill sits inside a spectacular dormant volcano.

It is home to an array of Australian wildlife including emus, kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, echidnas, reptiles, and birds.

Visitors are pretty much guaranteed to see some form of wildlife, emus hangout around the car park and picnic areas, there is an abundance of koalas, and kangaroos like to come out to graze in the late afternoon.

The park is well laid out with walking tracks to suit all abilities, and there are nesting boxes and a bird hide to help bird lovers spot the many native birds.

If you want to make a day of it there are electric barbecues, picnic tables, and toilets, as well as the Worn Gundidj Visitor Centre that sells food and coffee.

Tours are available from the centre, run by experienced local guides you will learn about the transformation of Tower Hill from a desolate wasteland to the abundant wildlife reserve it is today.

Tower Hill Reserve
Where: Entrance Road, Tower Hill
When: Always Open, Visitor Centre – 10 a.m – 4 p.m
Entry: Free

22) Warrnambool Botanic Gardens

Lilly pond and stone bridge surrounded by lush grass and trees at Warrnambool Botanical Gardens.

The English park-like Warrnambool Gardens are a lovely place to spend a morning or an afternoon.

Designed in the classic style these immaculate gardens feature expansive lawns, ancient trees, and wide meandering paths perfect for a casual stroll.

A key feature is the large lily pond that provides a sense of calm as well as a home for the resident ducks.

There’s also a nature based play space that’s designed to engage children with plants and the heritage botanic gardens with the use of clambering logs and rock shards.

Guided walks are by appointment only.

Warrnambool Botanic Gardens
Where: Cnr Queens Road & Botanic Road
Entry: Free
Phone: 0409 624 059 for guided walks

23) The Flying Horse Bar and Restaurant

The Flying Horse in Warrnambool is a popular joint when visiting this area. Positioned on Princes Highway, the pub occupies a vast space.

Here you’ll also find outdoor seating and a kids’ room, and you can sample craft beers at the bar. 

Embers restaurant at the Flying Horse has a wood and charcoal-fired kitchen serving a range of dishes.

These include steaks, pasta, burgers, salads, pizzas, and pub fare such as chicken parma or kiev. Children’s and senior menus are also available.  

The Flying Horse Bar and Restaurant
Where: 10691 Princes Highway, Warrnambool
When:10am to 1am Monday to Friday
Phone: (03) 5562 2254

24) Proudfoots by the River

Proudfoots by the River offers another dining option for those spending time in Warrnambool. It’s a unique setting for a memorable meal, as the restaurant is within a boathouse.

This historic structure dates from 1885, and is positioned right by the Hopkins River for unparalleled views over the water. 

A modern Australian menu makes the most of fresh local produce here, including seafood. Sample the likes of crocodile pie, beer-battered flake, kangaroo shepherd’s pie, or a calamari Caesar salad. 

It’s best to book a table at Proudfoots by the River, as it’s a popular place. 

Proudfoots by the River
Where: 2 Simpson Street, Warrnambool
When: 11am to 3.30pm and 5.30pm to 10pm Wednesday to Sunday
Phone: (03) 5561 5055

25) Hopkins Falls

Tourist watching the water cascade over Hopkins Falls in Victoria Australia.
Andrew at Hopkins Falls in flood

Dramatic Hopkins Falls are set among Victoria’s lush, fertile landscape, and are the biggest waterfalls on the river of the same name.

If you’re visiting the area during winter, this is the best time to see the falls. They’re also particularly impressive following a rainy spell.

There’s a purpose-built viewing platform at the top of the falls or you can take the stairs to the bottom for a closer look.

When the weather is warm, you can spend a while here, picnicking or even firing up one of the gas BBQs provided. There was a coffee van when we visited.

During summer, you might even be fortunate enough to spot baby eels here, as they tumble down the falls during their annual migration. 

There are toilets at the site. 

Hopkins Falls
Where: Cudgee, VIC
When: Open 24 hours

26) Warrnambool Golf Club

This fine golf course on the Shipwreck Coast is a public course offering golfing all year round. It’s a 72-par course, and you can choose to play 9 or all 18 holes.

As it’s popular, bookings are essential. 

In addition to the course itself, there’s a bar and a golf shop here. The bar is open daily for post-round drinks, except on Sundays, while the shop is open seven days a week. 

Warrnambool Golf Club
Where: Younger Street, Warrnambool
When: 7am to 6pm Monday to Sunday
Phone: (03) 5562 2108
Click here to book tickets

27) Warrnambool to Port Fairy Rail Trail

Though its name suggests trains, the Warrnambool to Port Fairy rail trail is designed for cyclists. Here you can ride the 37 kilometres between Warrnambool Foreshore and Moyne River in Port Fairy.

Depending on your speed, the trail takes between two and four hours to complete. 

As you set off on the trail from Warrnambool, you’ll catch sight of the ocean beyond. En route, you’ll also pass through the historic Victoria village of Koroit, a popular place with early Irish settlers in the state.

It’s attractively set along the lush, fertile farmland typical of this area, and there are plenty of places to eat and drink. 

If you don’t have time to complete the full trail, you could ride only to Koroit and back. Alternatively, cover the shorter 5.7 kilometre stretch from Warrnambool foreshore to Levys Point carpark by the Merri River.

Bikes can be hired from Café Cycles Warrnambool.

Warrnambool to Port Fairy Rail Trail
Where: Warrnambool Foreshore to Moyne River in Port Fairy
When: Open 24 hours

28) Pickering Point / Mahogany Walk

View of the Merri Bridge and river mouth with coastal scrub in the foreground and the ocean in background from Pickering Point in Warrnambool.

The Warrnambool to Port Fairy rail trail isn’t the only option for those who want to explore this corner of Victoria without a car. Instead of bringing or hiring a bike, take to the Pickering Point and/or Mahogany Walk on foot. 

The Pickering Point section of the walk is sealed, but if you continue with the Mahogany Walk then you’ll have to follow an unsealed track. So wear sturdy footwear!

If you feel like stretching your legs, why not follow the coastline near Warrnambool for spectacular views all the way?  

The route is under 3.5 kilometres, and takes less than an hour to complete. En route, you can see Merri River Bridge, Thunder Point lookout, and Shelly Beach. 

Pickering Point / Mahogany Walk
Where: Starts from Warrnambool Breakwater
When: Open 24 hours

29) The Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles rock stacks and beach at Port Campbell National Park you can easily visit them from nearby Warrnambool.

Warrnambool is very well placed for trips along the Great Ocean Road. This famous coastal route stretches between the coastal town Torquay and Allansford, which is next to Warrnambool.

There are many beaches, scenic spots, and other points of interest including the world-famous 12 Apostles to see along the way. As well as beautiful seaside villages to spend time in. 

Why not check out our Great Ocean Road guides for inspiration regarding what to do and where to go?

Take a look at the best beaches on the Great Ocean Road, our two day, three day or four day itineraries, the top towns on the Great Ocean Road, and the best caravan parks on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road
Where: Between Torquay and Allansford
When: Open 24 hours

30) Port Fairy

Sail boats moored at Port Fairy Harbour with grass on trees on the banks of the river.

Port Fairy is a pretty seaside town close to the end of the Great Ocean Road. It’s also the last stop on the Shipwreck Coast.

This fishing village seemingly offers it all – an interesting history, attractive buildings, fresh seafood, boat trips, surfing, wildlife, and a thriving arts scene.

You can wander the streets lined with pretty cottages dating from the 1800s, watch the fishing boats unloading the catch of the day, or explore the vibrant arts scene.

Look out for marine and land creatures, too, including dolphins, seals, emus, kangaroos, and wallabies. 

During winter, you can also see southern right whales off the coast, when they come closer to land for calving. Or if you visit in March, don’t miss the four-day Port Fairy Folk Festival. 

31) Mount Eccles Volcano aka Budj Bim National Park

Taking a tour to Budj Bim National Park, aka Mount Eccles volcano, is one of the best things to do in the Warrnambool area.

Departing from Port Fairy or Warrnambool train station, you’ll be led by a geologist while exploring the unique landscape. 

An eruption some 30,000 years back has quite literally shaped the landscape here. You can also learn about the culture of the indigenous people of the area during the three to four hour tour.

An optional stop on the way back also allows you to walk over rocky tumuli to see the natural lava blisters of the region.  

Mount Eccles Volcano
Where: Mount Eccles Road, Macarthur
When: Open 24 hours
Phone: 131963
Click here to book tickets

Best Places To Stay In Warrnambool

The town is well set up for tourism and Warrnambool accommodation is first-rate with a variety of options from affordable motels to luxury apartments.

Our Top 3 Picks: Warrnambool Accommodation


View of the Lady Bay Resort accommodation in Warrnambool at dusk with palm trees and al fresco dining.

Lady Bay Resort
✔️ Balconies
✔️ Restaurant
✔️ Heated Pool


Guest bedroom at Gallery Apartments in Warrnambool with a cosy bed and view into the luxurious ensuite bathroom.

Gallery Apartments
✔️ Private Courtyard
✔️ Outdoor Pool


Guest room with double bed, mirror, and table and chairs at Eight Spence one of the best motels in Warrnambool.

Eight Spence
✔️ Value-for-money
✔️ Kitchenette

Lady Bay Resort

View of the Lady Bay Resort accommodation in Warrnambool at dusk with palm trees and al fresco dining.

Located directly opposite the beach Lady Bay Resort has rooms to suit families and couples.

We stayed here and liked having a balcony and kitchen. It’s not in the centre of town, but we enjoyed being able to take a twilight walk along the foreshore without the need for a car.

There are one, two, and three bedroom fully self-contained apartments as well as hotel studio rooms.

If you really want to treat yourself book a seaside spa room or luxury apartment.

With its day spa, restaurant, and heated outdoor pool Lady Bay Resort is the perfect place to unwind and be pampered.

➡️ Check Rates and Availability Here!

Gallery Apartments

Guest bedroom at Gallery Apartments in Warrnambool with a cosy bed and view into the luxurious ensuite bathroom.

If you’re looking for a bit of luxury then the Gallery Apartments are ideal.

These beautifully presented apartments have everything you need including full kitchen facilities, free wifi, a laundry, and a private courtyard.

There’s an outdoor pool that’s great for cooling off on a hot day.

You can choose from one and two bedroom apartments, a studio, and a deluxe spa suite.

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Eight Spence

Guest room with double bed, mirror, and table and chairs at Eight Spence one of the best motels in Warrnambool.

For a budget option in Warrnambool you can’t go past Eight Spence.

The bright and airy rooms have been fully renovated and feature kitchenettes so some basic self-catering is possible.

Guests are welcome to make use of the barbecue facilities, free wifi, and parking.

A range of room types is available including Queens, Twins, Kings, Triples, and a two bedroom suite for up to 7 people.

Eigh Spence offers exceptional value just a short walk from shops and cafes.

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Where is Warrnambool?

Warrnambool is located 260 kilometres south-west of Melbourne via the Princes Highway. It lies at the western end of the Great Ocean Road on a dangerous stretch of coastline that has seen over 80 shipwrecks.

It takes about three hours travelling inland to get from Melbourne to Warrnambool by car. However, many visitors include it as part of their Great Ocean Road trip itinerary.

Getting from Melbourne to Warrnambool via the Great Ocean Road takes around 5 1/2 hours without any stops.

Tip: Do not underestimate driving times on the GOR as traffic can be slow and you’ll definitely want to stop to admire the view.

Final Word

We hope this things to do at Warrnambool list has inspired your trip to Warrnambool, Victoria.

From whale watching Warrnambool to lookouts, family activities, and markets in Warrnambool, we’ve listed all the best Warrnambool tourist attractions.

I’m sure you’ll love exploring Warrnambool as much as we did.

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By Audrey Chalmers

Audrey grew up in Victoria and travelled the world but she always called Victoria home. She loves nothing more than exploring her home state and sharing it here.